Anal Cunt

Album: Fuckin' A (2010)

Song: Fuckin' A

Bitrate: 160kbps

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Anal Cunt, also known as AxCx and A.C. for censorship reasons, is an American grindcore band that formed in Newton, Massachusetts in 1988. Since its inception, the band has undergone a number of lineup changes, currently consisting of core vocalist Seth Putnam, guitarist Josh Martin and original drummer Tim Morse. Known for its grindcore musical style and controversial lyrics, Anal Cunt has released eight full-length studio albums in addition to a number of compilations and extended plays.

They have been categorized as grindcore, noisecore, and hardcore. The band is often referred to by their initials A.C. (often written as AxCx) due to the offensive nature of their name and censorship limits on some radio and publications, and many of their album covers simply display the initials A.C. However, the band has managed to subvert even this abbreviation by drawing these letters in a manner resembling an anus and a vulva. Their early material contained no pre-written lyrics or music. Rather, the band developed a style which consisted of extremely loud, fast, and aggressive noise that was created entirely on the spot and was (by design) completely devoid of any actual music. Over the years, the band eventually shifted their style and slowly began to incorporate more riffs and pre-written lyrics into their songs. It wasn't until then that the band earned the reputation (at least via their recordings) for intentionally being outrageous and offensive. Currently, they are working on 2 new albums, one consisting of "cock rock" entitled "Fuckin A" and one consisting of material similar to their old grindcore albums called "The Same Old Shit".